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Edge Of The Bed Sex Positions

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More Adventurous Positions

There are many exciting sex positions using the edge of the bed.

If you want to feel adventurous, but you don't feel like sex on the kitchen table, just adapt the way you use your bed.

This is a very simple and straightforward way to get more excitement with different angles of penetration, which you can enhance with the use of a pillow or two.

Both of you will find the your hands have more freedom of movement, and if you are different heights, you'll find this makes trying new variations of the way you enjoy intercourse much easier than having sex standing up or similar variations.

So let's start with photo 1. Call it what you like (it's been called the T-bar by those great sex experts Em and Lo in their massive sex manual "How To Do Everything").

1 sex positions for the edge of the bed

You can see how it works in the picture - she lies on her back with her legs hanging over the edge of the bed while he's standing by the side of the bed, entering her possibly with the help of pillows under her bottom, or by something solid to give him a bit of extra height if necessary.

If the bed is really low, he can kneel (with pillows on the floor to protect his knees).

The great thing about all of these positions, especially when her legs hang over the edge of the bed, is that he gets great leverage when he leans forward.

And if he puts his hands on the bed as well, he gets greater power and freedom to thrust, and he gets a wonderful psychological boost of power and dominance as well!

Furthermore, all of these "edge of the bed" sexual positions are perfect for clitoral massage.

Another exciting variation in this position is for him to lift her up and for her to wrap her legs around his waist, although this does need a certain amount of strength, add you might need some pillows under her back if you're keeping it up for a length of time.

1asex positions for the edge of the bed

As for photo 1a, well, here's a thought: although it's a great position for making love, you can improve on it.

Have the woman lie on a table instead!

Then, because the man's feet are firmly planted on the floor he can stand up straight, though he may have to have his legs wide apart or his knees bent to allow his penis to enter the vagina.

This standing straight allows the man to 'swing' his pubic area much more freely when he makes thrusting movements, and additional stimulation is given to both by the scrotum brushing against her crotch as the man goes forward and withdraws.

You can see the natural progression of the T-bar position in a photograph 2.

2 sex positions for the edge of the bed

This time the guy's kneeling, although once again this is just a matter of adjusting the height of the two partners so that he can enter her easily (i.e. kneeling is not compulsory!).

Oh yes - and she's turned over so that he gets the pleasure of the sight of her bum, and they both get the stimulating feeling of rear entry sex as he thrusts onto her G spot.

She may well love the stimulating feeling of rear entry sex on her G spot.

This powerful and sexy position is probably one of the best for the edge of the bed.

You can see the next logical variation in photo 3: she's kneeling up and he's standing as he enters her.

3 sex positions for the edge of the bed

This is a perfect sex position for a man, who will love the sight of his cock entering his partner - plus, the sight of her buttocks parted as he thrusts between them is very powerful sexual stimulant.

And rear entry gives her the opportunity to act out the wanton wildness that displays her powerful, lusty sexuality.

You can see yet another variation of the possibilities of this position in photograph 4, where the man is able to pleasure her with cunnilingus comfortably and easily.

4 sex positions for the edge of the bed 4asex positions for the edge of the bed

That's great because cunnilingus isn't always something the easiest or most comfortable sexual pastime, but this oral sex position renders cunnilingus into a delight for both partners.

And though she might need something under her feet to support them and prevent any strain on her legs, and he might need something under his knees to protect them so that he doesn't get sore knees, all in all it's a wonderful sexual position.

Photo 5 shows something that's been called The Right Angle by Em and Lo.

5 sex positions for the edge of the bed

She places a foot on each of his shoulders, and he enters her as he leans forward - this means he can push deep into her.

This sexual position tends to work best when the pelvises of the two people involved are aligned, so the man may need to stand in a comfortable position, perhaps using something to stand on for extra height, and it's best for her when her back is flat on the bed all the way from bum to head.

Again, a very exciting position, and it gives people a lot of excitement because of both its novelty and the new sensations it offers.

Although there is no photo of it, you can develop this position by having him part her legs and hold them wide apart in a V shape as he thrusts deep into her - it's powerful and sexy.

Photograph 6 shows a variation on the T-bar with added lift: he's kneeling on the bed instead of standing on the floor, but it comes to the same thing.

6 sex positions for the edge of the bed

This time she has also the possible excitement of dangling her head backwards over the edge of the bed, which some women find hugely exciting - it gives an extra rush of blood at the moment of orgasm.

In fact, this is the position in which sometimes women will momentarily pass out with the sheer excitement of their orgasm.

You can see this taken even further in photo 7: if you think this might rock your boat, it's a position worth trying!

7 sex positions for the edge of the bed

Photo 8 shows an easy position in which to enjoy rear entry sex: she's bending over the edge of the bed, with her legs spread and feet firmly on the ground.

8 sex positions for the edge of the bed

She can lean forward as far as she likes; if this lowers her pelvis, he can simply widen his stance so that he can still enter her comfortably. This is one of the most comfortable positions of all for rear entry.

Using the edge of the bed in the way shown in photo 9 is just an interesting variation on a theme - it's great for experimentation, but possibly not so comfortable for him. As always, these things can provide new sensations due to the different angle of penetration.

9 sex positions for the edge of the bed

Photos 10 and 10a show some interesting sitting sex positions -- once again fun for a variation on routine sex, but probably not something you'd want to do every day. Remember, though, that the more variation you have in your sex life, the more satisfied you'll be!

10 sex positions for the edge of the bed10a sex positions for the edge of the bed

11 sex positions for the edge of the bed


The Coital Alignment Technique

designed to give a woman a clitoral orgasm during intercourse.

It avoids the thrusting of the man into the woman, which more often than not produces rapid climax - at least for him: instead, the CAT is a gentle approach to sex, with small subtle movements and full body contact.

The focus is on the clitoris and it's designed to get her to orgasm without stimulation of her clitoris with fingers or hand.

You start sex off in the basic missionary position with her lying on her back and her legs just outside his. His upper body is raised on his hands so that his upper chest is some distance above hers.

His pelvis may be a little bit lower than hers, that is to say a bit further down her body, between her legs.

Although this is a good position for typical man on top sex, once you've penetrated her you are not going to thrust as is usual in this position: instead you're going to adapt into the CAT.

Step two

This is the crucial alignment. He places his arms under her armpits and cups her shoulders in his hands (palm upwards) - this means he's taking his weight on his forearms, but he's still maintaining as much body contact as possible with his partner.

As he keeps his penis inside her, he pulls his body upwards on hers, towards her head. Their pelvises should be directly aligned, with his on top of hers.

She now moves her legs straight out and rests her ankles on his calves.

Both partners' legs should be as straight as possible - if it's more comfortable for her she can lay hers alongside his on the bed.

In this position his head is beside her head, and although he's still inside her, the movement of his upper body means that probably not much of his penile shaft is still inside her vaginal canal.

Instead it will be pressing up against the top half of her external genitals. His upper body should be relaxed.

Step three

As he is pushing his body up along her body, she tips her pelvis away from him; that is to say, down into the bed, which means that his penis will almost completely emerge from her vagina - she will feel its base pressing against her clitoris.

This is a small and subtle movement - and it needs to be this way to ensure that the whole of his shaft does not fall out of her vagina.

Step four

The final step is that he pushes down with his pelvis so his whole body moves lower down her body, and his penis enters her vagina more fully.

It's only a small movement, induced by the tilting of his pelvis, and she needs to match it she tilts her hips upwards to counterpoint the movement she made in step three.

The man is still lying on top of his partner and their legs are still in the same position, as straight as it's possible to get them, with her legs wrapped around his at the ankles. She is aiming to keep her thighs and knees rather close together.

The difference between his pelvis position in steps three and four is a mere 4 inches or so - in step three it is directly above hers, and in this step it's about 4.5 inches lower than her body.

This means his pelvis is closer to the bed and tipped at an angle between her legs.

Now all that happens is that both partners keep going at this hip rocking movement, alternating between the previous step and this one.

In other words, as he moves up she moves down, and as he moves down, she tilts up. It's a slow and rhythmic movement, because the goal is to maintain a constant pressure rubbing against the area from her pubic bone down to her vaginal opening.

This is done with his penile shaft, his pubic bone, and the weight of his body. It can work wonderfully well if you get it right.

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