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Sex positions suitable for pregnancy

Pregnancy can sometimes produce a great surge in a woman's sexual desire. Unfortunately, it can be uncomfortable to have sex just when she wants it most - her hormones are flowing, she may feel a strong need for love and reassurance, and her partner may be very turned on by the sight of his pregnant partner's swollen breasts and belly.

So what positions are most suitable for sex during this most amazing stage of a couple's sex life? The first thing to note, perhaps, is that sex will not harm the baby. There's actually plenty of information about this on the internet - see for example, , which gives a comprehensive list of the conditions in which you might be advised not to have sex while pregnant. Another excellent source of information is the .

The main issue, of course, in finding a suitable position for sex during pregnancy is the need for comfort. You may find, especially in the later stages of pregnancy, that lying on your back compresses the veins in your abdomen and makes you feel slightly light-headed or dizzy. If so, this is just a symptom of reduced blood pressure; fortunately, you can easily avoid any sex position where you lie on your back - the man on top position, for example, comes to mind, but this is not likely to be very successful anyway because of your bulging belly, especially for men with a short penis!

Most comfortable sex positions for a pregnant woman - from the woman's point of view

Side by side positions are great because they keep your partner's weight off your abdomen. And if you have him lying behind you, he can only make shallow thrusts - which may be more comfortable as you get nearer full term.

Any position where your vulva is presented without your bulge becoming an obstacle is likely to be successful - the most obvious way of achieving this is to lie on your back with your legs hanging over the side of the bed, or with your feet perched on the edge of the bed, and have your partner stand or kneel in front of you as he enters you. Again, though, this may not suit men with a short penis.

Any variations of the woman on top position is very good during pregnancy. You can control the depth of penetration and your swollen belly is not in the way of his penis as it enters your vulva. And if you or your partner are turned on by the sight of your breasts and belly (by the way, it is OK to be sexually aroused by the sight of your pregnancy!) this is likely to be very exciting.

Another possibility to try is any sitting position. You can try sitting down on him so that his penis enters you while you lower yourself onto his lap as he sits on a chair - but do make sure the chair's strong enough to support the weight!

Last but by no means least, the rear entry sexual position will certainly be an easier one than most to enjoy from a physical point of view, but some women will be too emotionally sensitive during pregnancy to find this an appealing one, especially if they see it as being slightly impersonal and having connotations of animal lustfulness.

A Pregnant Woman’s Perspective on Sex During Pregnancy

A pregnant woman can be emotional. We can blame a lot of it on those silly hormones, but some of it is caused by a real, reasonable struggle with all the changes that are taking place. Just like any trial or triumph in our lives, we need to be shown and reassured that one thing doesn't change: in the eyes of our husbands and partners, we are always lovely, desirable and satisfactory.

Enjoy sex! I and my husband, well, we need it regularly. It is our emotional stabilizer and the seal of our relationship and a sign of our commitment to each other.

This is our fourth pregnancy. Our first trimester is always a difficult time. Severe sickness affects me badly.....I feel a low self-esteem. I am unbathed, unshaven and weak. The smell of soap, deodorant and breath is difficult for me to tolerate - even the taste of a kiss! The motion of intense thrusting during sex would cause me to vomit. We don't use many sexual positions or take very long, but even so, it helps us "stick together". At a time when I am unable to give much besides the willingness to try, my husband's desire, understanding and gentleness assured me of his unconditional love and faithfulness to me. During sex, I was also able to enjoy a slight break from the sickness as excitement replaced the pain and nausea.

We were able to do a lot of sexual things during the second trimester. Most sexual positions are possible. I couldn't lay all the way down on my tummy or have my husband put all his weight on me, but I knew the baby was well cushioned and being rocked to sleep by our movements. I enjoyed my little growing tummy and the sexiness of being "knocked up". The man who had done this to me was loving me and taking me again. The life that was made partly from him and partly from me bound us in a closer relationship than ever before. Sometimes when I felt awkward and big, my husband still told me how hot I was and got excited watching me rub stretch mark cream on my tummy. Then I'd look in the mirror again and see how amazing and beautiful my body is.

My husband would sexually arouse me with cuddling, touching and licking, which caused my vagina and uterus to lift up out of my pelvis a little. Since the weight wasn't squashing my veins and organs so much, we could enjoy the positions where I lay on my back. Sometimes I would use pillows under my chest and tuck my knees up so we could do a comfortable doggy style.

Our favorite position is one we "invented" during the third trimester. We were enjoying the position with me on all fours. My big belly hung down out of the way and my husband held my hips while he thrusted into me. Then I sat up on my knees. I felt the closeness of my back next to his chest and he wrapped his arms around me. My tummy was still out of the way, but he could kiss my ear and touch my nipples. I felt his love and the beauty of my pregnant body.

Our view of sex during pregnancy? It's definitely this - that even if sex is a little more difficult than usual because of not feeling well or your growing baby getting in the way, it is worth the effort of working together to find what works for you.

A Man’s Perspective

Our love life remained normal until around the second trimester. Of course I do think we both had an increased sex drive because of my being attracted to my wife's pregnant form and her heightened sensitivity during pregnancy. I very much enjoy giving her oral pleasure and it is amazing how much stronger her orgasms are during these nine months.

I can't talk for every man but I can say for me there was never a time that she was unattractive or anything of the sort. I find pregnant women (especially mine!) very attractive and I know other men do also; although I have heard some men "can't" have sex with their expectant wives. Reasons being "she’s too big", "might hurt the baby". I am very thankful that even with my wife having very bad morning sickness we were able to maintain our sex life. Which in turn makes the rest of life much better.

For the last few months of the pregnancy, we did have to be creative because of her belly "getting in the way" and penis length. We found that made both of these easier to work with. As far as erect penis length being a problem, you do have to be careful to not go to deep because it can make the experience painful instead of enjoyable for her. We also worried that this might set her into premature labor and, if too rough, could hurt the baby.

One very interesting change here is later in the pregnancy she could no longer lay on her back because of the weight on her stomach. We then had to either have her lay on her side or have her on her knees and me lay on my back under her for oral sex.

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