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Woman on top sex positionsWoman on top is a most delightful sexual position enjoyed by almost all men and women alike. For a man, it provides the opportunity to lie back and enjoy the ride! For a woman, it provides the opportunity to be sexually assertive while she gets exactly the stimulation and arousal she needs to reach orgasm. It is a very powerful sexual position!


Woman on top sex positionsOf course, not all women wish to reach orgasm during penetrative sex. For many, it is enough to feel the intimacy of sex and the connection with their partner, and also to have the pleasure of seeing him reach orgasm as he ejaculates inside her. As shown in the picture here, he can gain extra pleasure by caressing her buttocks and playing with her anus if this turns them both on.


Woman on top sex positionsNonetheless, if a woman is into orgasmic intercourse, so to speak, she has a much better chance of reaching it in the woman on top position than just about any other sexual position. This is because she can lean forwards or backwards and also alter the speed with which she rides her man. This control during sex can allow her to move her clitoris against his penile shaft or pubic mound in exactly the right way to get the stimulation she needs to achieve orgasm.


Woman on top sex positionsAlthough many people probably don't think of the sitting position as being a variation of woman on top, as you can see in the image to the left, the woman is indeed definitely on top! Another way of enjoying this sexual position is for the couple to sit in a chair. Simply resting with his penis inside her vagina can produce exciting sensations; alternatively, if the couple move very slightly and gently as they sit like this, they can spin out the build up to orgasm for an exquisitely long time.


Woman on top sex positionsThe exact nature of the sensations which a man enjoys in the woman on top position depend on the extent to which his partner leans forwards or backwards, and whether she simply rides him by moving straight up and down on his penis or whether she moves her hips in a circular motion.

The former is likely to make him come in a fierce, powerful orgasm, especially if she moves fast, while the latter is likely to produce intensely pleasurable feelings in his penis that take him more slowly to an equally powerful and dramatic orgasm.

The important thing is that she has the ability to determine how long sex will last. When he approaches his orgasm she can slow down or even stop her movements altogether, and wait until his arousal has dropped before she resumes riding him.


Woman on top sex positionsIn this photo our female model reached orgasm by riding her man for about ten minutes after they'd enjoyed twenty minutes or so of foreplay. Her man carefully supports her so that she does not fall backwards unexpectedly in her moment of ecstasy. This could damage his penis if it is not particularly flexible.


Woman on top sex positionsThe great advantage of woman on top sex positions, as mentioned above, is that the woman can lean forwards or backwards to get just the sensations she desires. By leaning backwards she will put less pressure on the wall of her vagina where her G-spot is located, but she may be able to enjoy more stimulation higher up towards her cervix.

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Woman on top sex positionsAnother interesting aspect of woman on top sex is the choice of woman facing towards or facing away from her man. These two variations produce different sensations for both partners. Taken to extremes from the sitting position shown on the left, she can lie forwards along his legs or back on his chest. Leaning forward will put more pressure on her G-spot, but it may be uncomfortable for the man if he has a hard upright erection that is uncomfortable when it is bent downwards. In this case, it may be best if she lies back on his chest (although this will limit the couple's ability to thrust), or better still, she turns around and faces him.


Woman on top sex positionsThis is a good photo of the sexually thrilling way in which a woman can ride her man's cock when she takes the dominant position during sex.


Woman on top sex positionsIf she's into it, she (or he) can play with her clitoris and anus during woman on top sex. She can also reach his balls, which most men find very erotic. Playing with the man's balls during sex - in any sexual position - is an often overlooked source of pleasure.


Woman on top sex positionsGiving up control of all aspects of sex, including the moment of penetration, can be challenging for some men. However, most women enjoy being sexually dominant from time to time and the arrangement can be a good for one for allowing a couple to experience new sexual roles within their relationship.


Woman on top sex positionsAt this point our model senses that her man is about to ejaculate and eases off the pressure on his penis to keep sex going for longer. In woman on top sexual positions the woman has a much greater degree of control of when her man comes. In addition, because his ability to thrust is rather restricted, he is less likely to experience a quick ejaculation. (Pelvic thrusts speed up a man's progress towards orgasm. The less he can move his hips, the longer it will take for him to ejaculate.)


Woman on top sex positionsIn this photograph the model arches her back to increase the pressure on his penis as she and he head for a simultaneous orgasm.



Woman on top sex positionsAnd as he ejaculates, she gives a final hard ride up his penis to encircle his glans with her clenched vaginal muscles to ensure their orgasm is as satisfying as possible.


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